Our general New Client appointment offerings have been suspended until further notice. We will accept new patients on a case by case basis for clients who seek integrative care for their pets for certain conditions such a cancer, palliative care, chronic conditions, and mobility issues. This acceptance is based on many factors including our current case load. To consider your pet, please email us with more information about your pet’s case and we can determine if we have the ability to provide care.


It is my honor and privilege to offer in home services and care for your pets. Please know it is MY MISSION to be present and practice mindful wholehearted integrative medicine. I want to give you and your beloved pets the best meaningful care to ensure the utmost quality of life possible. I will approach cases individually and will blend both western and eastern medicine, all while listening and considering your concerns too, so that we formulate the best individual treatment plan possible.  I vow to give you my best every day and to continue my education so I can always be at the top of my game to service your pet's health and wellbeing. I want to love your pet like it is my own and to be your family pet doctor. I want to be your trusted veterinarian who gives you peace and comfort about the care provided to your pet. We are a team.

Service Area

Apex, Holly Springs, and portions of Cary, Fuquay Varina, and Western Wake County

Please contact us to determine if you are in our service area.

How does it work?

Contact me to schedule appointment.  Options are mobile text message, email, phone, and the online portal. Instead of you going to the vet, I come to you. In lieu of an office visit, there is a "house call" based on a home radius of Apex. Basic Pricing is provided as a guide at the very bottom of the Services Page.

What if I need x-rays or surgery?

I typically work with Lake Pine Animal Hospital in Apex for radiographs (x-rays), dentistry, surgery, minor hospitalization and other care.  If you prefer a different veterinary hospital referral, that can also be happily arranged. Rest assured, we will get you to the right place that fits for you and your pet.

What if I am outside this service area?

Because of COVID-19, we can only see appointments within our designated service area. If you are outside of our service area, we will share additional contacts that may be able to support your pet's wellbeing.

How do I get prescriptions filled?

Your pet will get their medicine. I will carry an array of medications to treat immediate needs like antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medications. If you prefer a written prescription, I can provide that as well. 

For preventative medications and prescription foods, please visit the PetPortal for a link a trusted my online pharmacy.

How do I pay?

Payment options include: cash, check*, and major credits cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover).

Some pet owners seeking euthanasia services like to pay in advance. If this is your wish, just let me know and we will make it so.

*There is a $50.00 service fee for all returned checks.

Do you see emergencies?

I am not a mobile emergency service. A brief list of emergencies is provided further down on this webpage. The list could be longer. If your pet has any of these signs or you have any concerns, or it truly is an emergency, please use the ER contact information also provided below.

Below is a listing of the general services provided and is not all encompassing. If you need a second opinion or consultation or just a little TLC for your elderly sick pet, I can help. Please visit the links below or the Services link for additional details. As a general practitioner making house calls, I can handle wellness exams, minor illness (diarrhea, vomiting, etc), mobility issues, and chronic disease management (diabetes, chronic kidney disease, etc) using integrative veterinary medicine. It would be my honor to help.

Health Care Exams

Animal Care

Home Euthanasia


Emergency Services and After Hours Care

Please contact Blue Pearl (formerly Veterinary Specialty Hospital) in Cary at 919-233-4911.

(This is where I take my pets when they are ill and I want to be a “Mom” and not a doctor.) We have an excellent working relationship and you will be in good hands. All of their locations provide excellent care. For more information on their services and locations, please visit their website at https://bluepearlvet.com.

Additional Trusted Emergency Locations

Specialty and 24/7 Emergency Facilities

Urgent Care Facilities

Please note there is a shortage of ER doctors and support staff. Unfortunately, this means expecting long wait times and potentially at-capacity hospitals who may direct you elsewhere. Therefore, please call ahead to ensure your pet can be seen.

13 Animal Emergencies that Require Immediate Veterinary Consultation and/or Care

  1. Severe bleeding or bleeding that doesn't stop within five minutes
  2. Choking, difficulty breathing or nonstop coughing and gagging
  3. Bleeding from nose, mouth, rectum, coughing up blood, or blood in urine
  4. Inability to urinate or pass feces (stool), or obvious pain associated with urinating or passing stool
  5. Injuries to your pet's eye(s)
  6. You suspect or know your pet has eaten something poisonous (such as antifreeze, xylitol, chocolate, rodent poison, etc.)
  7. Seizures and/or staggering
  8. Fractured bones, severe lameness or inability to move leg(s)
  9. Obvious signs of pain or extreme anxiety
  10. Heat stress or heatstroke
  11. Severe vomiting or diarrhea – more than two episodes in a 24-hour period, or either of these combined with obvious illness or any of the other problems listed here
  12. Refusal to drink for 24 hours or more
  13. Unconsciousness

The bottom line is that ANY concern about your pet's health warrants, at minimum, a call to a veterinarian.

phone: 919-917-6516               fax: 919-277-1723    [email protected]