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About Dr. Shama Lee

Dr. Shama Lee  graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in veterinary medicine. Go Pack! Dr. Lee has practiced medicine at several veterinary hospitals in the surrounding areas prior to opening her own mobile veterinary service. She decided to focus on a more integrated, holistic, and intimate approach to medical care for both you and your pet. She is passionate about education and will continue learning different medical disciplines to better help the pets under her care.

Here is what she has to share:

I am here to help and to give you my very best. My practice philosophy is that prevention and education are key to helping provide the best quality of life for both you and you pets. I want you and your pet to have the very best care. With clinical practice, I have become empowered teaching owners about the different options for care that are available (for healthy prevention and acute or chronic disease states).  Educating clients about various matters and challenges facilitates better informative decisions for each pet owners individual situation. I want to help clients understand those choices and together let’s pick the right plan for the circumstances no matter what the challenge.

When pets become sick with various conditions it can be challenging, scary, and sometimes overwhelming for owners (YOU). I am here to help navigate all those waters with you. We are a team. I will share the different therapy options available, prioritize that spectrum, and together we can determine the best course of action based on the potential outcomes. There are so many modalities of therapy to help with certain conditions. It is my goal to blend the knowledge of various modalities (eastern and western) that I have and will continue to learn to provide the best care for your pet.

I always get the question: How many pet’s do you have?

It always makes me smile. Currently, I have 2 dogs (Josie and Maggie) and 5 cats (Scout, Bobby, Kitten, Star, and Evie). I LOVE them all uniquely and wholeheartedly. These souls are the heartbeat of our home. They all have wonderful stories about how they came to our homes and have filled our hearts with endless joy.

I have lost many pets (aka children) over they years including 5 dogs (Cassie, Makayla, Michelle, Lucky, and Buck) and 1 cat (Wally). They were and always will be beloved souls in my heart. As they aged, they developed various health conditions like cancer and degenerative myelopathy. The struggles with their care, especially in the end,  helped me become a better pet owner (mom) and doctor and their loss made me a better soul. There is more to the "care" and work that what is "in the books." I was a Mom not a doctor despite my degree when they became ill. I learned the true impact it can take an owner and it has given me better insight when recommending and prescribing treatment options for owners and pets alike. This goes for the simple stuff too like giving cats pills and or eye medications to some pets.

With losing each one of my pets, I understand viscerally the true heartbreak and heavy sense of loss we feel when saying goodbye ultimately happens. It always amazes me how quiet and empty a room or home can feel when we lose the ones we love. This drives me to be the most compassionate doctor I can be. We only get one chance to live this life. I will always do my best in honor of the ones I have lost by always giving my best.

Tid bits & Personal Interests: Vegetable gardening, Running (my most favorite runs are with my handsome husband and superhero Wilson), Meditating in my zen garden, corny (hilarious) jokes/puns, oh and one of my most favorite things: The Story Collider Podcasts. True, personal stories about science.

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